image credit: Pexels

DNA Payments Integrates Alipay+ to Improve Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Sectors in the UK

May 29, 2024

DNA Payments has integrated the suite of cross-border mobile payment and digitalisation tech solutions operated by Ant Solutions into its point-of-service (POS) terminals to accept more direct payments. This will greatly improve successful payment transactions with global tourists, especially those from Asia. They will be able to quickly and conveniently benefit in the hospitality, tourism, travel sectors and beyond.

At launch, users of 14 Alipay+ partner e-wallets will be able to make mobile payments with their enabled home e-wallets at hospitality merchants. These include: Boisdale restaurant group, Lochside House Hotel Spa & Lodges, and Durrants Hotel during the initial pilot scheme, ahead of completion in June.

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