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Can AI help the Crypto industry combat scams?

June 29, 2023

Via: Fintech News

Experts overlook the possibility that AI could have the opposite effect, as most discussion regarding integrating artificial intelligence and the crypto industry focuses on how AI can assist the crypto industry combat scams. As of late, Meta cautioned that programmers […]

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Crypto Industry Report: BTC Beats Nasdaq Index and Gold in Q1, Liquid Staking Governance Tokens up by 210%

April 19, 2023


After closing the past year trading below $17,000, bitcoin staged a comeback that saw it close the first quarter (Q1) of 2023 trading above $28,000. With this performance, bitcoin, which eventually went past the $30,000 level, has outperformed major asset […]

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US Lawmaker Urges SEC to ‘Take Decisive Action’ to Regulate Crypto Industry — Plans to Examine Options for Federal Legislation

November 16, 2022


Rep. Brad Sherman on Cryptocurrency Regulation Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), chairman of the subcommittee on Investor Protection and Capital Markets, released a statement regarding the implosion of cryptocurrency exchange FTX on Sunday. FTX’s “sudden collapse” has been “a dramatic demonstration […]