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Crypto payments: PayPal’s stablecoin ripple effect on markets

December 4, 2023

Via: Cointelegraph

PayPal’s introduction of its native stablecoin, PayPal USD, has sparked heated debates within the crypto industry regarding its possible sway on payments and wider crypto adoption. While this step seems to be a big jump toward accepting cryptocurrencies in regular […]

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Flooring Hut Lays the Foundations for Crypto Payments With Bitcoin Integration

August 4, 2023

Via: The Fintech Times

Flooring Hut customers can pay with Bitcoin when purchasing carpet and/or flooring. Roughly 10 per cent of the UK’s population (4.97 million people) has some money invested in cryptocurrencies, although research from Statista suggests this number could rise to 22.23 […]

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The future of payments: Crypto oised to play a major role

March 7, 2023

Via: Fintech News

Cryptocurrencies, according to reports, will be widely used as payment methods shortly. According to a recent survey conducted by Ripple and FPC, a payment organization, more than 50% of participants believe that the majority of merchants will begin accepting crypto-poised […]

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Can You Pay For a Brunch in Crypto?

November 7, 2022

Via: Fintech News

Some restaurants, such as Quiznos, accept it. In fact, some of them have begun accepting it for their meals. Safari Comedor If you’re looking for a nice place to spend your weekend, consider paying with cryptocurrency. Some restaurants will even […]

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USA leads the way for crypto payments, study reveals

September 29, 2022

Via: Fintech News

Merchant Machine have conducted research into the global adoption of cryptocurrency by investigating which countries and cities have the highest growth in cryptocurrency use, as well as which types of businesses are accepting crypto as a method of payment. USA, […]