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Biometrics integrations look to the future of account access, money, and digital ID

August 1, 2023

IBM has won a major contract worth $84.4 million with the UK government to help build a platform for immigration and law enforcement authorities to match fingerprint and face biometrics. The tender is part of a Home Office program expected to cost $1.7 billion. IBM’s role will include bringing together biometric data from the immigration and asylum, passport, settlement and other databases.

A contract has been won by Augentic and IN Groupe to produce identity documents for Kosovo. The deal also includes identity management system and IT infrastructure upgrades, and is worth around $13.5 million. Meanwhile local reports suggest previous ID document supplier Veridos has been accused of customs evasion, but the company tells Biometric Update the matter boils down to a simple declaration error made by a subcontractor.

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