image credit: Unsplash

QuantumFy Brings Tailored Banking and Payments to MENA Through Expansion

February 14, 2024

Aligning with its strategy to extend its reach into new emerging markets, QuantumFy’s collaboration with the MENA Fintech Association is a step towards leveraging its expertise in the region. QuantumFy specialises in tailored banking, payment, and investment technology solutions. It plans to adapt these to meet the specific needs of the Middle East market.

The MENA Fintech Association was the perfect partner for QuantumFy due to its strong fintech presence in the Middle East and globally. The MENA FINTECH ASSOCIATION (MFTA) is an inclusive, not-for-profit association that fosters an open dialogue for the MENA Fintech community, shaping the future of financial services in the region.

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