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Decline in Crypto Crime: Insights into 2024 Trends and Challenges

January 25, 2024


The crypto landscape in 2024 continues to evolve rapidly, with significant changes in the nature and volume of crypto-related crimes. A comprehensive analysis of recent reports and data provides insights into current trends, underlying challenges, and future implications for the industry.

Declining Trend in Crypto Hacking and Scamming

According to a Chainalysis report, cryptocurrency hacking incidents experienced a notable decline in 2023. Hackers stole approximately $1.7 billion from cryptocurrency platforms, marking a 54.3% reduction compared to the previous year. Notwithstanding this decrease, the number of individual hacking incidents rose to 231, up from 219 in 2022. North Korea-linked organizations were particularly active, with the number of hacks rising to a record 20​​​​.

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