image credit: diana.grytsku / Freepik

Crypto winter is over

October 31, 2023


Bitcoin is up 28% in the last month. BTC exchange-trade funds (ETFs) are coming sometime soon. Crypto investment funds saw their largest weekly inflows last week since mid-2022. Meme coins are making a comeback. And the chastening trial of Sam Bankman-Fried is almost over, giving crypto the chance to start anew.

As we head into winter in North America, is “crypto winter” just about done?

It certainly looks like it.

Crypto winter isn’t quite a technical term (like a “recession” is a fall in economic output for two successive quarters). There’s no accepted definition. But anyone who is in crypto knows what it is and what it feels like. During winter, crypto prices are falling, crypto’s critics are on the warpath, VC dollars dry up and everyone’s looking for a new narrative.

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