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Following Revolut Reader, Revolut Pay is Launched as Super App Increases Features

September 12, 2022

Revolut Pay aims to disrupt the payments ecosystem by making shopping online even easier as it facilitates direct payments, while providing strong security for Revolut users: payments will be validated via secure features such as Face ID, or fingerprint unlock, and no account number will be shared. This in turn will help to prevent fraud and keep users’ funds safe while shopping.

Revolut Pay is a fast, frictionless and secure method to checkout online or on mobile. Consumers can pay with just one click and earn cashback on purchases as they spend. Existing Revolut users can use Revolut Pay and pay via saved cards or directly via their Revolut account balance. Non-Revolut users can pay just as easily by using saved Mastercard or Visa cards issued by any other providers.

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