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As Apple Enters Open Banking a Dangerous Paradox Comes to Light

December 28, 2023

Via: The Fintech Times

Some 10 years ago, EU lawmakers started to take issue with the stale world of payments, which had seen little innovation since the introduction of credit cards. The position of banks, payment processors and credit card companies was so entrenched […]

Blockchain, Crypto

NFTs And Crypto Will Benefit From Apple Allowing Third-Party App Stores

December 14, 2022

Via: Blockchain News

Apple will be forced by forthcoming EU rules to allow alternative app stores and applications without the need that they go via Apple’s App Store. This will be a positive development for crypto app creators. At least in Europe, the […]

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Tesla Still Holding $218M in Bitcoin — Elon Musk Expects Company to Be Worth More Than Apple and Saudi Aramco Combined

October 20, 2022


Tesla Still Holds $218 Million in Bitcoin Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) released its third-quarter earnings results Wednesday. The company’s Q3 financial statements show that Tesla did not sell any bitcoin during the quarter. Its balance sheet still shows $218 million […]

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Apple Shielded From Crypto Wallet App Lawsuit, Judge Rules

September 7, 2022


Apple Not Liable for Loss After Customer Downloaded Fake Crypto App Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled that Apple Inc. is not liable in a class action lawsuit where […]