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The crypto investor’s guide to blockchain gaming

September 5, 2023

Via: Fintech News

Blockchain gaming is revolutionizing the gaming industry by merging cutting-edge blockchain technology with the immersive world of video games. As cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) gain momentum, blockchain gaming presents a new frontier for investors seeking high-growth opportunities. By understanding […]

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Blockchain technology platform Bakkt looks toward Europe after MiCA

May 19, 2023

Via: Cointelegraph

The international regulatory environment for cryptocurrency is improving, and the company is eyeing a retail expansion on the continent, Bakkt chief product officer Dan O’Prey said. On the whole, O’Prey saw positive long-term trends. Speaking to Cointelegraph’s U.S. News Editor, […]

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Fintech for Insurance Companies: Revolutionizing Old School Institutions

March 17, 2023

Via: Fintech News

The insurance industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, but the rise of fintech is now prompting insurers to embrace digital solutions that can transform their businesses. Fintech is revolutionizing the insurance sector, providing more efficient and streamlined processes […]

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The huge impact of Blockchain & Bitcoin mining on the planet

September 27, 2022

Via: Fintech News

Blockchain technology has changed our world in countless ways. Some of these changes have been beneficial, while others have been less helpful. For better or worse, we have to understand the impact it has had. One of the biggest changes […]