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Why Paypal Might Be Considering Offline Payment Soon

February 15, 2024

Via: Fintech News

PayPal, a dominant force in online payments, has been a pioneer in digital transactions since its inception in 1998. With its innovative platform, PayPal facilitates online shopping, peer-to-peer transfers, and international transactions with ease and security. However, as the financial […]

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Crypto payments: PayPal’s stablecoin ripple effect on markets

December 4, 2023

Via: Cointelegraph

PayPal’s introduction of its native stablecoin, PayPal USD, has sparked heated debates within the crypto industry regarding its possible sway on payments and wider crypto adoption. While this step seems to be a big jump toward accepting cryptocurrencies in regular […]

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Bitcoin vs. PayPal: Which is the better payment option?

March 28, 2023

Via: Fintech News

In the online casino industry, online casinos accepting PayPal became the most sought-after, with popularity fueled by the UK Gambling Commission’s announcement to ban the use of credit cards to gamble in Great Britain. Currently, Bitcoin and PayPal are two […]

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Cyber criminals are targeting digital bill payment: 4 ways to fight back

March 8, 2023

Via: Fintech News

More consumers than ever are embracing digital methods to pay bills. In our research we found that 54% pay using the biller’s website, 33% use the biller’s mobile app, and 8% pay remotely using cash at a retail location. What’s […]


Why are Investors Interested in FinTech?

December 27, 2022

Via: Sandra Ferguson

FinTech companies are attracting a lot of interest from investors these days. This is because these companies have numerous advantages over traditional financial institutions. Players like PayPal, Square, and Stripe have made it easy for people to do their banking […]