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Bitcoin eyes $30k as analysts predict post-ETF surge

October 19, 2023

Via: Fintech News

Cryptocurrency prices crept higher on Thursday as Monday’s false spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF story managed to reignite interest in the top cryptocurrency, with multiple analysts saying BTC could quickly climb into a range between $42,000 and $56,000 after the approval […]

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Why these 3 stocks are the worst ways to play Fintech right now

July 17, 2023

Via: Fintech News

The major indices entered a new bull market in 2023, and investors are once again flocking to more speculative growth stocks. As such, some previously poor-performing fintech stocks have rebounded sharply. There’s no doubt that the fintech industry is going […]

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Fed rate pause triggers traders’ pivot to stocks — Will Bitcoin catch up?

June 19, 2023

Via: Cointelegraph

After a momentary retest of the $25,000 support on June 15, Bitcoin gained 6.5% as bulls successfully defended the $26,300 level. Despite this, the general sentiment remains slightly bearish as the cryptocurrency has declined by 12.7% in two months. The […]

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3 stocks and Cryptos that are a smart investment right now

May 12, 2023

Via: Fintech News

In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, finding smart investment opportunities in stocks and cryptocurrencies can be challenging. However, certain stocks and cryptos stand out from the crowd for those seeking lucrative ventures with high growth potential. Whether you’re an experienced investor […]

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Crypto market slides deeper into correction territory as Bitcoin struggles to hold $28k

April 21, 2023

Via: Fintech News

The crypto market slid deeper into correction territory on Thursday as Bitcoin (BTC) now finds itself fighting to hold onto support at $28,000 while numerous altcoins have recorded double-digit declines over the past 24 hours. Stocks, likewise, trended down after […]